Attention is the key to connection…

Behind every word is a story if we are willing to attend. Helen Luke is on to something. Attention is the key to connection. And attention is NOT the one-way responsibility of the perceiver. No, it is incumbent on the person putting the word on the page to attend—to purpose, to tone and to “other.” This is true whether you’re talking about your mission, writing a letter to your lover or crafting a poem to be set adrift in a corked bottle.



  1. What are you saying here? That marketing is as important as love or poetry? That’s silly.
    Marketing is crass and commercial. Good marketing can be entertaining, utilitarian….

  2. ThoughtPoss

    Well, if you choose to frame it that way, then you are imprisoned in the system. This is how it appears to me if I step into your way of looking at things. I can see from you POV that what I say seems shocking. So let me be clearer about my frame. If one’s mission—entrepreneurial, organizational— in some marketplace—of ideas, service, product, even material invention—is honest AND if one’s messages are truthful, there is the possibility of connection with people, partners, organizations who can benefit from what one does. Simple. Should one expect to make a living? It’s possible. Many people pursuing a vision or walking out a mission make money in related fields—composers who teach music; poets who write association press releases, painters who mow lawns for money and of course the many actors who wait tables. These are just examples from among my friends. What is your intention? That’s a good way to check on honesty of endeavor. Is the process transparent? Are Values and Mission dearly held by leaders? In the end I work with people I trust. My mission is helping them—with crafting a brand deeply rooted in truth, exploring the possibilities inherent in their visions, testing the validity of values as articulated, creating messages and even ADS & Websites that help them thrive, connect and build communities.

  3. I think you are right. I am visiting your site because an associate (also a member of ASAE) talked to me about a day where you worked with her association\’s board members in a way that helped them explore the challenges they faced. She said it was fun, but serious and straight forward. She said you \"held the space\" and shaped the work so that people we free to express divergent opinions–more importantly the difficult things could be said–about real concerns for the future of the association.
    She said ultimately everyone left feeling re-energized and having a different frame for understanding.
    I work in Marketing and Membership in an association in Alexandria Virginia. I am sending a link to your site to others here.

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