Supporting Mission-Driven Organizations With A Unique Approach
To Branding And Strategic Integrated Marketing Communication.

Truth-Based Branding
Over the years, we’ve developed a disciplined, proprietary process for helping organizations define a brand identity that is organic, sustainable and strategic. We call this process Truth-Based Branding (TBB) and it is the cornerstone of all our work. Its goal is inherently practical—building infrastructure and understanding that supports healthy forward movement. The TBB process itself is designed as a clarifying exploration. Leaders, staff and key stakeholders tell us that it is often transforming.

The authenticity of the Brand Identity that emerges from this process fuels effective communication—internally and externally. Its deep roots in Vision, Values and Organizational Culture support nimble, strategic decision-making that is true to the organization’s Essential Purpose.

We guide organizations through a disciplined process that leads organically to strategies aligned with organizational culture, vision, mission and values. Thought & Possibility approaches implementation by combining “best practices” from integrated marketing, organizational development and social media.

Now more than ever before, Meghan and her team are motivated by the belief that communities of purpose can transform communication in the marketplace and achieve their strategic goals in ways that define a new paradigm for sustainability and community.

Increasingly, helping organizations bridge the digital divide is part of our work including building infrastructure for meaningful engagement between established organizations and digital natives, using language and media that respect diverse approaches to information processing and framing nimble, strategic communication initiatives that inter-connect a wide range of interested individuals, stakeholders, supporters and members.